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What is Diabetic Neuropathy?

Damage caused by diabetes is called Neuropathy and it may be painful. The best way to manage the pain is to manage your blood sugar with your doctor. Neuropathy can occur in several ways, but they all seem related to blood sugar levels being too high for too long.

What are the four types of diabetes related neuropathy?
  • Peripheral
  • Autonomic
  • Proximal
  • Focal

Peripheral Neuropathy - Our Speciality

This type usually only affects the legs and feet and in rare cases affects the arms, abdomen, and back.

Symptoms include:
  • Numbness – this may become permanent
  • Burning Sensation – in the evening
  • General Pain in the feet or legs
  • Tingling

Please note - early symptoms usually subside when your blood sugar is under control.

What You Should Do:
  • Check your feet and legs daily
  • Use lotion on your feet if you find they’re dry
  • Take care of your toenails. Ask your doctor if you should go to a podiatrist
  • Wear shoes that fit well. Wear them all the time, so your feet don’t get injured

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