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We specialize in the treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy and musculoskeletal pain and while DFW Neuropathy is not a pain management clinic, we do take a holistic approach to the treatment of pain.

An exclusive and effective treatment, The Combination Therapy, has been extremely effective in relieving pain and restoring feeling in the feet caused by Diabetic and other forms of Neuropathy.   The Combination Therapy works by increasing blood flow to the feet, regenerating nerve signaling and facilitation, and stimulating new nerve growth!  You can now live without pain and discomfort, reverse your numbness and restore your protective sensation while improving your balance and strength in your hands and feet. 

Our physicians will make certain to review your full history and to properly examine and diagnose your condition, discuss with you the causes of your condition, and treat you with the newest, most innovative, and effective technology available.  We also mainly focus on conservative and holistic treatments that are the least invasive.   At DFW Neuropathy we also care about your overall long-term health and well-being.  We will help you with supportive means of caring for your body including Education, maintenance, exercise, necessary Durable Medical Equipment, rehabilitation, diet, and weight loss.

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