Jamie M.

Fort Worth, TX

I had numbness on the bottom of my feet, I couldn’t feel anything. If I step on this carpet I didn’t feel the texture, all I felt was pressure on the bottom of my feet.  I had tingling and I had a burning sensation. But I had this before I had been identified with neuropathy and I just didn’t think about it...... I just think its part of the diabetes. I came in and talked to the doctor and told him that I had this burning sensation and numbness on the bottoms of my feet.  I had no feeling whatsoever in the bottom of my feet.  I felt pressure, you know what I’m saying, I’m trying to differ that between pain and pressure. That’s all I felt was pressure.  So he said ok, that I needed this treatment.

So I did.  I don’t mine telling you or the world or God, I have had such a tremendous improvement.  I mean now, I have feeling on my feet my tingling is gone, my burning sensation is gone!. 


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Steve R.

Arlington, TX

I started with a tingling in my feet, numbness and eventually they were just pain all the time.  It was 
continuous.  During the day of course, you can function but then at night when you go to sleep it would be so bad I would have to stick my feet out from under the covers and rotate the ankles until I fell

I happened to see a commercial for the DFW Neuropathy pain clinic and the ad said they could help with it, which that was the first time I had ever heard they could do something about it. They woke up nerves in my right foot that weren’t firing at all when they did the evaluation and now they are.  I’ve got through the tingling and now the tingling is gone.  I can now walk which is great for the diabetes.  I use to power walk 8 miles a day.  That’s how I kept it under control, then I wasn’t even able to use my stationary bike until my feet got like they are now. Now I can ride my bike and I can walk I have gone from being a vegetable in a chair to being functional. 

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